Hi, I’m David Sherlock

That’s right. I’m David Sherlock, and I’ve always had a knack for creating stuff: be it websites, music, software, businesses and the like. Most people know me best from Freshly Squeezed Samples, which I founded in late 2010 with the sole mission of delivering cutting-edge soundware to the music industry. Aimed predominantly at trance, progressive, and house music producers, It has been a fun and successful (though sometimes very challenging) venture, with thousands of digital downloads successfully delivered and a rich ecosystem of worldwide fans and supporters, including the likes of Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Hardwell, and Paul van Dyk.

Freshly Squeezed Samples is now my full-time job, where I craft and ship digital products, handle customer support, and collaborate with only the very best sound designers from around the world to create products for our website. As part of our continuous growth, I founded the parent company Creative Nevada Limited to help group all of our products, brands, and services together under one legal umbrella, and aid in future expansion. We are located in Central Scotland, and have been fully bootstrapped from day one; additionally, everything, including the site itself was built from the ground up, in-house by myself, and the products created by a carefully curated team of sound designers.

Alongside my sound design work, I was also one of the founding members of the successful artist project Driftmoon, helping to create tracks such as Bittersweet, Drifter, Mesmerized, and various other releases. I have also independently collaborated with a range of successful music producers and artists, releasing tracks on labels such as Silk Music and Armada Music. My signature musical style is epic, emotional chords paired with simple, memorable top-line melodies.

These days I’m running a few online ventures and taking on the occasional client with the agency I recently founded in late 2017: Freshly Digital. Creative Nevada Limited has now grown to include Freshly Squeezed Samples, Sample Foundry, Producer Space, Freshly Digital, Sell Comet, and -launching in 2018- Graphic Foundry, as part of our brand portfolio. Building simple, collaborative, and innovative online digital businesses that enable others is at the core of everything I do.

Over the past few years I started designing, developing, delivering, marketing (and doing everything in between) WordPress plugins at Freshly Themes and Sell Comet. Having a passion for digital goods and services, I enjoy contributing to Easy Digital Downloads and love building extensions for the platform.

Aside from crafting and publishing digital goods and businesses, I enjoying traveling, iPhone photography, music, reading, spending time with my girlfriend, night walks, and eating out. All in all, I love what I do & I couldn’t ask for more.

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