Hire David

If you need help with your own web project, I am available for front and back-end development work, branding, design, WordPress development (themes and plugins) or general consulting work starting at £250 a day with a 1 day minimum.

Outside of general web work, I specialise in building extensions (and integrations) for Easy Digital Downloads, so if you have a specific use-case or business practice that you would like automated, I may be able to help make it reality. I am a certified Easy Digital Downloads consultant and core contributor.

As with all client work, I am happy to agree to either a fair flat-rate fee or a favourable on-going recurring rate depending on your project budget and scope. I pride myself on clear, open communication (I can speak technical if preferred, or translate complicated details for non-technical clients and business owners), and I guarantee a fluid, transparent, detailed, and smooth client on-boarding experience. In terms of deliverables, I endeavour to deliver bloat-free seamlessly integrated, and securely-coded solutions that satisfy all client expectations.

Here is a testimonial from a recent web development project:

“David has the rare ability to translate business requirements into beautifully architected, scalable solutions. He anticipates gaps and solves for them before you even need to think about it and delivered his well-written code with intuitive frontend user experience. I’ve worked with countless developers across many platforms over the last 20 years and David easily rises to the very top. His vast knowledge of WordPress, specifically Sandhills plugins (Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, AffiliateWP, etc), made him the obvious choice for our custom development. I would recommend David in a heartbeat to any one looking for custom development done right.”Kenny Petrowski

“I needed an ecommerce problem solved quick, and David came to my rescue. His work was fast, insightful, and incredibly effective.”Dustin W. Stout

“I can’t say enough how much I appreciate David’s attention to detail, attentiveness, and knowledge on revamping my website. He grasped what I had in mind and even took to a step further.” — Ben Patten

“David’s quality of work is absolutely unbeatable. He brought my digital store to life, providing clean design, bloat-free code, and a secure site that meets all of my needs. I was looking for someone who could reliably guide me through all aspects of starting an Easy Digital Downloads store, and David really came through! He’s a true expert.” — Mandy Jones

“Very fast and pleasant transaction creating a custom EDD plugin! Other consultants quoted 10x more time for the same job, while David said he will do it in 1 day. But he literally did it in 1 hour! Great to deal with a professional, breath of fresh air!” — Konstantin Youdenko

“Simply put, David is a cut above. He understands the importance of analyzing and asking the right questions to get at the heart of an issue and pairs this with a superb ability to consult on best practices and execute. I honestly look forward to the next time I need to tap David’s expertise, he is truly a pleasure to do business with” — David Sanders

“We hired David to do a massive upgrade to our site because we needed to move beyond our MVP style marketplace. It required months of work — and a lot of interesting problems had to be solved along the way. This included more than just functionality, as we also wanted to unify our branding and make everything more cohesive.

We’re now running a fast, secure, and profitable marketplace — all built on WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads.

In the end, David delivered a product that has given our customers a much better buying experience, and we’re already starting to see a higher conversion rate thanks to the new site!.” – Morten Jaeger

“David was extremely pleasant to work with on our most recent project together. His deep knowledge of Easy Digital Downloads allows him to work quickly while thinking ahead to avoid potential issues and to develop efficiently and effectively. Without a doubt, we’ll be turning to David again for any custom EDD development that we may need in the future.” – Casey Fulgenzi

“David is a pleasure to work with. His clean code and fast turnaround time has been instrumental in getting our site to where it is today.” – Morten Jaeger

“After five months of dealing with big talking web developers with little substance I was ready to throw in the towel on my project until I met David. He was the first honest person who knew exactly what he was talking about and was not trying to rob me by selling me things I did not need. David’s communication was immediate & thorough and I was never left wondering the status of the project. When the project was completed I was ecstatic! Not only did he read my mind to create my vision of the project, he added functionality I never would have thought of. It is obvious he knows the software inside and out. I honestly can’t say enough nice things about David and the quality of the work he delivered – I would not have been able to bring this project to fruition without him!”Bernice O’Hanlon

“Beyond incredible technical skill, David has an uncanny ability to capture the vision for a website and translate it into efficient and optimised design. My marketplace website had outgrown it’s limited initial launch format/design. Key priorities were to achieve improved product filtering, search results and dynamic elements for user accounts, reviews and to integrate an affiliate program. After struggling for more than 6 months to create a roadmap for these elements, David brought all this functionality forward in less than 2 weeks. My background involves numerous major technology implementations and often these are inhibited by poor communication or disconnect between design and desired functionality. This project was seamless. Impeccable communication and results. The final product exceeded my expectations.”Megan Boitano

Here are some free and commercial plugins I’ve recently released:

  • Math Verification – Add math verification to the Easy Digital Downloads registration form.
  • MailChimp Discounts – Reward MailChimp for WordPress subscribers with a customisable discount code.
  • Product Taxes – Apply different tax rates to physical goods and services.
  • Tiered Commission Rates – Reward your vendors with higher commission rates the more they sell or earn.
  • Commission Fees – Charge vendors an additional flat rate amount or percentage fee on each transaction.
  • Order Notes – Capture notes and instructions from your customers at the checkout using this lightweight add-on.

Apart from development work, I also provide the following general services:

  • Site migration, optimisation, maintenance and customisation work.
  • E-Commerce platform migration – moving products, customers and orders between platforms such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Magento, Shopify, etc.
  • Creative digital business, bootstrapping, and entrepreneurship advice and consultancy.
  • WordPress theme and plugin setup – such as installing demo data, configuration, and customisation.
  • Business process automation and integration – automating, optimising, and streamlining internal and external business practices via the latest APIs/Web hooks and 3rd party web services.
  • E-Commerce setup, training, help, and maintenance for popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.
  • Help understanding and navigating complex intellectual property laws and legal agreements.
  • Assistance and recommendations for dealing with international sale taxes, VAT, and company structuring.
  • Hosting/server infrastructure advice and recommendations, setup, security, scaling, and optimisation. Including cloud providers, such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, etc.
  • General service/product recommendations to help grow your audience and business.
  • Social media, marketing, branding, strategy, and growth advice.

If you are interested in collaborating with me on music-related projects, I am available only for paid work at this time. This includes ghostwriting (chords, melodies and construction kits only – not full production) for between £150-300 per track, with custom sound design starting at £100 per-sound, and track review services varying in price. You will legally acquire the full rights to the work(s) in question upon payment.

Get in touch via info at davidsherlock dot io and let’s get started!